increase your sales with smart online product configurators

We boost the sales of configurable products on e-commerce sites.

Our services differ from product personalisation to modular product build up in an order flow, or a combination of those. We add smart solutions per product/option to websites, thus making it easier for clients to order, and for producers to produce.

As we work from a producers' perspective (Configuro is part of we make sure each option we implement fits both the need of the client and producer.

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Some of our solutions:

Order flow used on

Order flow:

Problem: producer needs details which a lot of clients don't have/know.

Solution: simplify the details to a level every clients understands an guide them step by step through the order proces.


Product configurator:

Problem: Button badges are a low cost item, creating quotations and print proofs are too expensive for small orders.

Solution: by having clients upload their design and creating their own proof we were able to even lower the minimum order quantity to 5 pcs (used to be 100) and still make a profit on them.


Product personalisation as used on

Product personalisation:

The power of Configuro is being put to the test at making it possible to personalize different types of products.

Here we strive to create new printable product solutions.


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